New distributional information for the birds of Flores, Indonesia, including new localities for the Endangered Flores Scops Owl Otus alfredi

The Indonesian island of Flores hosts a remarkable avifauna that is both highly endemic and highly threatened. Nevertheless, basic knowledge of these birds is incomplete. Here we present new distributional information for 18 of the islandís bird species obtained during 2011; these include endemics such as Leaf Lorikeet Trichoglossus weberi and rarely recorded residents like Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher Ceyx erithaca. Our records of all Flores endemics are summarised, and we present new information on the habitat tolerance of two additional range-restricted species. Most significant is the discovery of the little-known and Endangered Flores Scops Owl Otus alfredi at three new localities in the hills of far-western Flores, more than doubling the known altitudinal range of this endemic, which was previously considered to be strictly montane. We report new information regarding the owlís habitat preferences, vocalisations and sympatric occurrence with the other two Otus scops owls on Flores.