Description of one new genus and four new species of mynoglenine spiders from Africa (Araneae: Linyphiidae: Mynogleninae)

The genus Camafroneta gen. nov. is established to accomodate Camafroneta oku gen. et sp. nov., a new species of mynoglenine spider from Cameroon, West Africa, with unusual complex male genitalia. Phylogenetic analyses suggest that the new species does not belong to a known genus of mynoglenine spiders. Another three new species of Afroneta Holm, 1968 from East Africa are described: Afroneta flavescens sp. nov., Afroneta serrata sp. nov. and Afroneta sarahae sp. nov. We also describe the missing sex (male) of Afroneta elgonensis Merrett, 2004.