On the Phylogenetic Placement of the Spider Genus Atimiosa Simon, 1895, and the Circumscription of Dolichognatha OP-Cambridge, 1869 (Tetragnathidae, Araneae)

The genus Atimiosa Simon, 1895, is a junior synonym of Dolichognatha O.P.-Cambridge, 1869. This synonymy is strongly supported by cladistic analyses of morphological characters and examination of types of all known Atimiosa species. Two new combinations resulted from this nomenclatural change, Dolichognatha comorensis (Schmidt and Krause, 1993), new combination, and Dolichognatha quinquemucronata (Simon. 1895), new combination. New illustrations and photographs of these two species and of the poorly known Dolichognatha longiceps (Thorell, 1895) are provided. We also describe for the first time the web architecture of D. longiceps.