Data Entry

Dear bird observer, thank you for taking the time to enter records of Palearctic migrants in Africa. Please make sure that you enter only records which you are 100% sure about, because our analyses rely on the data being correct, and we have no way of double-checking your data. Please be also aware that by sending us your data, you are hereby agreeing for the data to be used in this database which is freely available to the public.

Below you find the fields for data entry which we tried to design in such a way as to minimize error from data entry please read the database codes page before you enter your records to understand how records are to be entered and what codes are to be used to enter the data). Once you have entered the first record, click the "Enter data into database" button below. After this first data entry, all data fields will remain the same so that you can enter the same data again with just one data field (e.g. species name) changed. However, if you want to clear all fields, click the "Clear all entry fields" button below.

Please fill out all the field in bold letters (e.g. species name, etc.) because otherwise we cannot accept your record as complete. All the other entry fields are optional (latitude, longitude, etc.), but remember that the information in the optional fields will make your data more useful to the potential users. For example, if you do not fill in the latitude and longitude fields, people may not be able to trace the geographical location of your record because place names are often ambiguous or inaccurate.

If you have any questions or comments, send us an

1 species name

2 country

3 location

Please type in location

4 accuracy of the location

5 latitude

Enter in standard format
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6 longitude

Enter in standard format
Enter in decimal format
Enter your locational data either in standard (degrees, minutes, and seconds, e.g. 16º 16' 0" S and 34º 55' 0" E) or decimal (decimal degrees, e.g. -16.267 and 34.9167) format. Click the respective toggle button to enter your data.

7 day

8 month

9 year

10 accuracy of the date

11 reliability

12 collector:
13 email or address contact:
14 number of individuals:
15 habitat (including altitude):
16 additional comments (e.g. subspecies, sex, age, ringnumber, reference or source, etc.):

Alternatively, if you feel that data entry using this webpage is too cumbersome for you, you can download our spreadsheet (available as tab-delimited .txt. or Excel document) , enter your data and it to us.

Or, if you just want to send us your data in whatever format you have it (electronic spreadsheets, written records, paper copies of reports, references, etc), you are very welcome to send them to us via or our postal address, but be aware that data entry may take a long time. However, we prefer to have your data than not to have it.

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